Stunt Scooters Street

Street riders know that the greatest fun comes from the creative use of city spots. See the scooters that will pump up your grinds and manuals!

Street vs Skatepark

Each rider creates its own riding style which is based on two main categories - street and park. Of course, you can see at first glance that the difference is where you ride a stunt scooter. The important thing is that in each of them you can perform slightly different tricks.

How are stunt scooters different?
The most common street stunt scooter has:
- wider, rectangular deck
- larger wheels with a diameter of 115, 120, and even 125mm by 2.4cm, 2.6cm and even 3cm wide
- higher bar

A park stunt scooter most often has:
- smaller, contoured deck
- smaller wheels, with a diameter of 100mm, 105mm, 110mm and a width of 2.4cm
- lower bar

Of course, every rider, once he gains experience, modifies his scooter by replacing parts. As a result, the stunt scooter is tailored to the riding style of a specific person.