Stunt Scooters Beginner

Every moment is a good start to begin your stunt scooter adventure. Choose the Movino model that will keep you entertained from the very first trick!

What kind of stunt scooter?

An experienced rider will easily choose a specific model of a stunt scooter or the parts necessary to assemble a custom model. Questions remain, such as what is the right scooter for a beginner gift or what kind of stunt scooter is the best for a 10-year-old? When choosing, let's follow where the young user will ride (skatepark or street), adjusting to the height (so that the steering wheel is not too high) and the weight and size of the scooter.

You don't have to look far! Movino stunt scooters offer both beginners and advanced riders the proven IHC and SCS compression systems, high-quality aluminum and steel components - in distinctive, recognizable designs and colors!!

See the offer of scooters dedicated to street and skatepark now.