Ready, set, go!

Movino Tyro is intended for those who have just started craving scooter adventures. Professional riders on Movino teams worked out a set of specifics. Tyro comes in four colors: black, lilac, mint and yellow. Now those looking for their first scooter, no longer have to choose between quality and design.

Excellent equipment for young riders

Your kiddo's first competitive scooter should be rather universal but definitely of high quality. The right fit is important too. Tyro features 100 mm nylon-core wheels, a threaded compression system and an aluminum deck. All of that at only 2.9 kg! This is a light but resilient scooter that will open a whole new world to your little rider.


Application skatepark
Skill Level beginner
Scooter height 75 cm
Compression type threaded
Fork type threaded
Headset type non-integrated
Deck lenght 46 cm
Deck width 10 cm
Wheel diameter 100 mm
Wheel core Nylon
Bearing precision ABEC-9
Bar shape Y-BAR
Bar height 50 cm
Bar width 48 cm
Bar outer diameter 32 (Regular) mm
Bar inner diameter 28 mm
Clamp type Regular
Brake type Flex Fender
Colour Purple
Permissible user weight 50 kg
Weight 2,9 kg
Manufacturer Movino

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Movino Tyro (lilac) Stunt scooter


Movino Tyro is a reliable and light competitive scooter for beginners. Only 2.9 kg and with excellent deck parameters; intended for those 135 cm - 152 cm tall. Tyro comes in four colors and features unique graphics.

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