Movino Comfort + is an elegant city scooter and comes in two great metallic colors with a satin finish: powder pink and classic blue.

Because we value your comfort, the deck has been lowered to only 8 cm above the ground, making it a superb scooter for both adults and kids! The tried and tested shock absorber in the front, the quick and easy fold- up feature and a handbrake- are what makes this model the perfect all- rounder.

Quick fold - up

Movino Comfort + features a quick and easy system allowing you to fold up your scooter with just one button. Folding up and out has never been easier: all you need is just one button.  So fast and so simple! This feature is indispensable when you're on the go and have no time to waste.


Safety first! Movino Comfort+ features an easy to use and super reliable handbrake. The braking distance is shortened when you use a handbrake vs a foot brake in the back.

Front shock absorber

Movino Comfort+ will do just great even on an uneven surface! The buil-in fork in the front acts as a shock absorber which is why riding on a bumpy terrain is much more comfy!

Wheel stabilizer

The wheel stabilizer stiffens the whole body of the scooter and in turn makes the hand grips much more stable. That translates into one safe and steady ride!

Transport belt

With this shoulder strap, you can easily and conveniently carry your scooter anywhere you want. It makes the storing and transportation so much easier. You can't ride you scooter everywhere- that is just a fact- sometimes you have to carry it. Our Comfort+ scooter can easily be carried on your shoulder- just like a bag! Not enough storage space? Comfort+ can easily be hung!


Max height 93 cm
Height adjustment of handlebars 82-87,5-93 cm
Bar width 39 cm
Wheel diameter 200 mm
Bearing precision ABEC-7
Suspention front
Brake type handle, footbrake
Foldable yes
Colour blue
Permissible user weight 100 kg
Weight 4,3 kg
Manufacturer Movino

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Movino Comfort+ (blue) City Scooter


There is no such thing as too much comfort, right?! Movino Comfort+ is great for moving around for just about anyone. This scooter is a quick fold - up and has has been equipped with all the winning features: an absorber in the front, a handbrake, a belt to carry, a bell and a wheel stabilizer.

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