Everybody's first pair is unforgettable - regardless if that of a child or an adult. Movino Cruzer One will make your memories last forever! The triple fastening system will keep your feet in place: stable and secure, and the wheels made of synthetic rubber and based on ultra- resistant ABEC-7 bearings, will help you pick up pace… and will serve you for years to come - thanks to the adjustable sizing system.

Easy and fast adjustable sizing system

Movino Cruzer One: rollerblades for several seasons! This pair features a 4-step adjustable sizing system that is reliable and fast. All you need to do is press: PUSH and set the right size.

  • S - 30-33 (liner's lenght: 18-20 cm)
  • M - 34-37 (liner's lenght:  21-23 cm)
  • L - 38-41 (liner's lenght: 24-26 cm)


Movino Cruzer One rollerblades are breathable and designed to keep the air circulation going inside. Both the fabric in front and the foam inside are breathable and will keep your feet comfortable.

Triple fastening system

For your comfort and safety, Cruzer One has been equipped with a triple fastening system: the buckle, laces and the strap. the buckle has been designed with quick and easy fastening in mind and so that your feet stay firmly in place throughout each ride.


Adjustable yes
Boot / Shell type soft
Recommended for fitness
Skill level begginer
Closure lacing, powerstrap, buckle
Frame material aluminum
Max wheel diameter S - 64; M,L - 72 mm
Bearing precision ABEC-7
Wheel hardness 82A
Brake included yes
Colour mint, black
Permissible user weight S, M - 60; L - 100 kg
Manufacturer Movino

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Movino Cruzer One (mint) Inline Skates


Movino Cruzer One: just the right type for all those still learning. This pair of rollerblades has been equipped with a size adjusting system, which is why it is perfect for young kids and teenagers, whose feet are still growing. Featuring a triple fastening system, it keeps the feet stable and secure while skating.


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