Movino City Pro is perfect for urban roads, sidewalks, and bike paths. The wide deck covered with a non-slip layer ensures stability and plenty of space for your feet. The adjustable handlebar allows you to set it at the right height, and the dual brakes (foot and hand) enable you to effectively stop the scooter when needed. Large wheels, a handlebar stabilizer, and a front shock absorber ensure user comfort. The simple folding system makes it easy to transport and store the scooter. A practical kickstand allows you to park the scooter when you need a break.

Comfortable, Large Deck

The City Pro is equipped with a long, wide deck covered with non-slip griptape. This ensures a comfortable and safe ride. You can stand stably and confidently on the scooter, easily fitting both feet and effortlessly switching the foot you push off with. You don't have to worry about losing balance or slipping.

Folding Made Easier Than Ever

The City Pro is a scooter you can easily fold when you want to transport or store it – just use the single button located near the deck. You'll find it effortlessly, and you can quickly and easily fold your scooter. Folding a scooter has never been this easy.

Handlebar for a More Comfortable Ride

The handlebar on the City Pro resembles a bicycle handlebar. It is wide and ends with ergonomic, rubber grips. The three-level adjustment system allows you to set its height to the rider's needs. The handlebar stabilizer keeps the grips in place and in the correct position. The handlebar ends fit perfectly in your hands, and their special design ensures that your hands don't get tired even during longer rides.

Large Wheels

The City Pro has large 200 mm diameter wheels that ensure a comfortable ride in urban spaces. High-quality ABEC-7 class bearings ensure smooth wheel operation. With the City Pro, you'll easily navigate streets, sidewalks, and bike paths.

Dual Brake System

The Movino City Pro scooter features a dual braking system – a standard foot brake and an additional hand brake. These allow you to stop your scooter effectively whenever you need to.

Additions That Enhance Riding Comfort

The City Pro is equipped with a front shock absorber that mitigates shocks when riding on uneven terrain. A practical kickstand allows you to park the scooter, and the soft, ergonomic grips fit perfectly in your hands. With the City Pro scooter, you'll ride comfortably and safely.


Max height 95 cm
Height adjustment of handlebars 85-90-95 cm
Bar width 49 cm
Wheel diameter 200 mm
Bearing precision ABEC-7
Suspention front
Brake type handle, footbrake
Foldable yes
Colour orange, green
Permissible user weight 100 kg
Weight 5 kg
Manufacturer Movino

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Movino City Pro (green-orange) Scooter


The Movino City Pro scooter was designed with teenagers and adults in mind, who want to reach work or school quickly and comfortably without getting stuck in traffic. Its long, wide deck, adjustable handlebar, dual braking system, and intuitive folding mechanism are undeniable advantages of this scooter. The City Pro is comfortable, safe, and exceptionally sleek. It's love at first sight.

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