A penny board is a type of skateboard that is very universal in use. It is short, maneuverable - simply "handy": perfect to just move around in your city.

A skateboard as a way to move around your town

A penny board is smaller than a regular skateboard. Its compact size is what makes it very practical and convenient- you can take it with you basically everywhere and anywhere. You can even carry it around in your backpack. Ride it on your way from home to school! A penny board is very popular among kids and teenagers. It is easy to maneuver which is why even small kiddos shouldn't have a hard time learning how to ride it.

Practical and non - slippery deck

Your skateboard's deck is made of a synthetic material that is incredibly resistant but at the same time also very light. It is also easy to keep it clean since there is no sandpaper on its surface that is so common when it comes to classic skateboards. Instead, the surface of a pennyboard is waffle - like in structure which is what give you the adhesion.

Large LED wheels

A penny board features large and soft wheels that are perfect for uneven surface. An additional advantage of the wheels used on Movino penny boards are LEDs - so popular among kids. Professional ABEC-9 bearings used on a penny board are the reason behind all those smooth rides. Enjoy a comfy and speedy ride!


Deck material PP
Deck lenght 56 cm
Deck width 14,5 cm
Wheel diameter 58 mm
Truck material aluminium
Colour pink
Permissible user weight 100 kg
Weight 1,7 kg
Manufacturer Movino

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Movino LED (pink) Skateboard


Looking for a city skateboard that will make you take to it like a duck to water? Introducing: Movino penny board! Featuring a 56,5 cm x 14,5 cm deck, quality ABEC-9 bearings, comfy and soft wheels with LEDs, aluminum trucks (adjustable turns), this board is perfect for the cityscape. And don't even get us started on the design!

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