Garda by Movino is perfect for rivers, lakes, and even the sea. Both adults and teenagers can enjoy it, and you can also take your four-legged friend along for the ride. Garda offers functional solutions and practical accessories, with well-chosen parameters. The set includes a double paddle, a spacious backpack, a comfortable kayak seat with a rear pocket, a central fin, a repair kit, a pump, and a safety leash. All of these will allow you to enjoy your SUP experience even more.

A Board for Everyone

The Movino Garda Allround SUP is a board for the whole family – parents, children, and their pets. Garda is perfect for beginners as well as those who have been paddling for a long time. With Movino's SUP, you can spread your wings on the sea, paddle on a calm lake, or navigate river currents. When you get tired of standing, you can convert the board into a kayak and comfortably sit on the convenient seat. The Allround is a versatile SUP that is easy to maneuver. The board is stable and durable, yet lightweight.

Comfortable Board

Thoughtful solutions, practical accessories, and well-chosen parameters make the SUP Garda a comfortable board. Movino Garda is made from the highest quality materials – featuring reinforced edges, a special coating resistant to weather conditions, and EVA foam in the central part of the SUP to prevent slipping, ensuring comfort even during long hours of standing.

Thoughtful Design

The Garda weighs only 8 kg, yet it is a strong, solid, and durable board – you will experience many adventures with it! This is due to the selection of the highest quality materials and accessories. The designated spot for mounting a kayak seat allows you to paddle while seated when you get tired of standing paddling. The D-ring on the stern enables the attachment of a safety leash, ensuring the board won't drift away even if you fall into the water. Practical handles – on the bow and in the central part of the board – make it easy to transport and pull the SUP out of the water.

More Possibilities

The Movino Garda is a board designed for everyone who loves water activities. It is easy to maneuver and stable, making it recommended for learning to paddle while standing. The kayak seat is equipped with a practical pocket, and the reinforced bungee cargo straps allow you to take even more luggage with you. You can easily inflate, transport, and pull the board out of the water.

Practical Set

The set includes everything you need to paddle comfortably and safely. We have included a double-action pump with the SUP, allowing you to quickly inflate and deflate the board, a central fin with a practical snap-on attachment, a repair kit, as well as a spacious, sturdy backpack and a kayak seat. Additionally, you receive a double paddle that allows you to paddle both standing and sitting, and a safety leash with a 360-degree system that prevents the cord from twisting even during intense water activities. All these elements allow for a peaceful voyage into the unknown.

Set includes:

  1. Movino Garda board with dimensions 330 cm x 81 cm x 15 cm, net weight 8 kg, maximum load capacity 150 kg, and a system for attaching a kayak seat.
  2. Adjustable paddle: aluminum paddle with a handle for stand-up paddling.
  3. Additional blade for paddling in kayak mode.
  4. Central fin smart lock - fin with integrated mounting.
  5. Movino high pressure dual action pump: functions for both inflating and deflating air.
  6. Spacious backpack for convenient transport of the board along with all accessories.
  7. Movino 360° leash - safety leash with a system preventing the cord from twisting.
  8. Kayak seat with a buckle fitting the Movino Garda board attachment.
  9. Manual.
  10. Repair kit.


Board type Allround 10’10”, inflatable
Skill Level beginner, advanced
Length (cm) 330
Width (cm) 81
Thickness (cm) 15
Maximum load (kg) 150
Maximum Pressure (PSI) 15
Technology Drop Stitch Light Technology
Board construction single-chamber
Kit contents SUP board, backpack, double action pump, leash, fin, 2-in-1 paddle, kayak chair, repair kit
Oar 2-in-1 paddle (two paddle blades as a kayak, a blade and a stand-up paddle handle)
Ballasts 1 x slide-in
Kayak seat included yes
Possibility of mounting a kayak seat yes
Colour blue, red
Weight 8 kg
Manufacturer Movino

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Movino GARDA Allround 10'10'' (blue-red) SUP Board


Movino Garda is an Allround type SUP, a versatile board for both beginners and advanced users. The Garda allows for stand-up paddling, but with the option to mount a kayak seat, it also enables seated paddling. The SUP is lightweight yet strong and durable, made from high-quality materials. This board is safe, comfortable, and stable, making it perfect for anyone who enjoys spending their free time on the water.

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