SUP Touring Ontario is the choice for those who seek strong sensations, enjoy fast paddling, and long-distance trips. The board's design reduces the strain during paddling, allowing the paddler to avoid fatigue even during extended sessions. Ontario is a more demanding board compared to an all-round SUP, making it especially appreciated by experienced users who have already mastered the techniques of board maneuvering and body balancing. However, this does not mean that Ontario is unsuitable for beginners. While touring requires a certain level of proficiency, more ambitious individuals can confidently try their skills on the Ontario.

A Board for Fast Paddling Enthusiasts

The Touring board is ideal for those who enjoy fast paddling and long-distance journeys. This is facilitated by the elongated shape and pointed nose of the touring board. The appropriately selected board length (381 cm) ensures better direction maintenance. Ontario is particularly suitable for calmer rivers and other open water bodies. Paddling on touring boards is more efficient than on recreational SUPs, so with the same effort, you can travel much further on the Ontario.

Technology Enhancing Board Durability

The SUP Ontario is manufactured using Drop Stitch technology, which ensures the board's durability, appropriate stiffness, and shape. The sides are additionally reinforced with a double layer of PVC material, and the central part features a special non-slip layer that makes standing on the board easier.

Practical Solutions and Greater Comfort

The Touring Ontario is designed to provide even more fun during water activities, hence it is equipped with functional add-ons and practical solutions. Handles for pulling the board out of the water and a carry handle make transporting the touring board easier. Reinforced bungee cargo straps allow you to take more luggage on your trip, while D-rings enable the attachment of a kayak seat and a safety leash.

SUP with Accessories

With the SUP Ontario, you receive everything needed to start your paddleboarding adventure. The board comes with an adjustable aluminum paddle, a central fin with an integrated and simple mounting system, and a repair kit essential for any journey. Additionally, you get a reinforced and spacious backpack, a pump that allows you to quickly and efficiently inflate and deflate the board, and a safety leash with a system that prevents it from twisting even during intense activity.

The SUP Ontario will take you far and allow you to paddle quickly. It guarantees unforgettable experiences with every ride.


Board type Touring 12’6”, inflatable
Skill Level advanced
Length (cm) 381
Width (cm) 76
Thickness (cm) 15
Maximum load (kg) 150
Maximum Pressure (PSI) 15
Technology Drop Stitch Light Technology
Board construction single-chamber
Kit contents SUP board, backpack, double action pump, leash, fin, paddle, repair kit
Oar single aluminum paddle (handle and blade)
Ballasts 1 x slide-in
Kayak seat included no
Possibility of mounting a kayak seat yes
Colour blue, lime
Manufacturer Movino

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Movino ONTARIO Touring 12'16'' (blue-lime) SUP Board


The inflatable touring board allows you to paddle faster and cover longer distances. The SUP Ontario was created specifically with water sports enthusiasts in mind. Its elongated shape and pointed nose are characteristic features of any touring board. These features enable you to glide swiftly and effortlessly over the water, providing you with an unforgettable experience. The Ontario is a sport SUP, offering more efficient paddling than an all-round board while maintaining excellent directional stability.

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