Infinite possibilities!

All kiddos - those small and teenagers - have places to be! And many of them can be reached on a scooter! Movino Infinity is light, has a low deck and large wheels. Movino Infinity means a great ride and a daily dose of exercise outside.

Non - slippery ribbed grips

We wanted Movino Infinity to be super comfy so we have equipped it in ribbed rubber grips of an ergonomic shape. The ribbed surface makes the grips highly adjustable to your hands; it is non slippery which guarantees a firm hold. Movino Infinity grips are foldable which means transporting and storing your scooter is oh - so easy!

Large wheels ft ABEC-7 bearings

Movino Infinity has large 200 mm wheels, made of quality poliyurethane. That translates into a comfy (AND quiet!) ride. Also, the bigger the wheels, the speedier the ride. The bearings are in turn responsible for the quality of your ride. Movino Infinity features best in class ABEC-7 bearings that make the wheels spin light.

Feasible add - ons

While riding Movino Infinity, you will always have your favorite drink at hand. This clever little addition that is our bottle holder, has been placed on the steering bar and works well for every rider. Movino Infinity has also been equipped with a shoulder strap so that you can carry your scooter whenever and wherever you might need to. The weight of this scooter is only 3.7 kg and together with its adjustable shoulder strap will make your life so much easier.


Max height 92 cm
Height adjustment of handlebars 77-84-92 cm
Bar width 35 cm
Wheel diameter 200 mm
Bearing precision ABEC-7
Suspention none
Brake type footbrake
Foldable yes
Colour mint
Permissible user weight 100 kg
Weight 3,7 kg
Manufacturer Movino

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Movino Infinity (mint) City Scooter


This foldable scooter for kids and teenagers features 200 mm wheels, a bottle holder, a shoulder belt to transport it, and a low deck. It weighs only 3.70 kg and can handle up to 100 kg.

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