Movino Pro Skate protective gear comes in the form of shock sleeves which is why it is so comfortable. The flexible fabric won't restrict your movement. Movino Pro Skate pads feature inner lining that adapts to your body, are soft and non - abrasive.

Perfect Fit

The starting point should always be making sure that you are well protected. It is paramount that your protective gear fits you well, otherwise it won't do its job. Movino protective pads feature double Velcro straps with a wide adjustment range. Movino knee and elbow pads will stay in place and guarantee maximum protection.

Great Protection

Movino protective gear is tried, tested and is safe. Our products undergo a series of rigorous testing, meet EU requirements (EN14120) and are CE - certified.


Colour black
Weight 0,43 lub 0,50 kg
Manufacturer Movino

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Movino Pro Skate 2-pack Protector set


Movino Pro Skate is a reliable and attested protective gear that will shield you from powerful blows. This  Movino set is for all skatepark fans. Designed together with professional riders and tested to give you the best protection from all sorts of hits.


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