Two shock absorbers

Regardless whether it is you work or school commute or if you are simply going for a ride- our flagship scooter has it all! Not one but two shock absorbers- in the font and in the back- since not every road is a smooth ride. Uneven surface is no longer a proble once you own a Movino X- way scooter. Wide wheels work to your advantage too!

A folding handlebar

We designed the X- way model with your comfort in mind. When scooting around the city, you want to quickly get to your destination point. When time is of the essence, every detail plays a role. Which is why we gave X- Way an innovative folding handlebar. It is made entirely of aluminum which is the reason behind it sturdiness and stability.

An always- reliable hand brake

Safety first! Especially when scotting around a city. When using bike paths, you have to be mindful of other users and that requires quick reaction. That is when a hand brake…. comes in handy (get it? Yeah, yeah, "dad jokes"!). When using a hand brake, the braking distance shortens.

Stay fit with a scooter

Did you know that a 30 min commute on your scooter burns 200- 300 calories? Besides, scooting is easy on your joints so it is perfect for those who are, let's put it this way: "occasional athletes".  Using as much energy as walking, you can get to you destination 3 x quicker than doing the latter.

Scooting is eco friendly!

A scooter is good for your body AND the planet! Ride a bus for a few stops then get off and ride your scooter. Reduce your carbon foot print and increase your muscle strengt.


Max height Infinitely adjustable cm
Height adjustment of handlebars 100 cm
Bar width 51 cm
Wheel diameter 190 mm
Bearing precision ABEC-7
Suspention front, rare
Brake type handle, footbrake
Foldable Yes
Colour black
Permissible user weight 100 kg
Weight 6,3 kg
Manufacturer Movino

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City Scooter Movino X-Way (black)


Movino X- way is a comfy city scoote boasting the following featuring: a hand brake, two shock absorbers, a deck covered with non- slippery rubber,  an adjustable steering bar and an innovative folding handlebar.

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