A gift for roller skaters: 7 suggestions

A gift for roller skaters: 7 suggestions

New roller blades, accessories or maybe a membership card to a roller skating rink?

A simple way to train your whole body; roller skating just does everything for you! The speed, the adrenaline, and the endorphins! Whether learning new tricks or simply going for a ride, regardless of how advanced you are- roller skating is great fun- all year round!These day, one can skate even in the winter.

Looking for a gift for a roller skating friend? Let us guide you through and give you a hint or two as to what you should buy for a beginner or what is a good idea for someone more advanced.

Roller skating or simply skating-  is a sports discipline for everyone! When you are skating, your entire body is working hard- fully engaged. Your balance and fitness level improve, and so does your self- esteem! Because it does take courage to do all those tricks! It is not for faint hearted! Roller skating is just as much for for younger kids as it is for teenagers or adults. Anyone at any age can try roller skating! All you need to do is find equipment right for you or your loved ones. Come one, what are you waiting for?!


What is equally important is that even though everyone knows that roller skating is a great way to exercise outdoors and get some fresh air at the same time, not everyone knows that it can be an indoors sports discipline as well. You can absolutely continue practicing all year around- even when it is gray and gloomy or even snowy out there! So what is the best place to practice roller skating in the fall and during winter time?

Roller skating in the winter? But where?

Indoor roller skating rinks! That is the answer. We are pretty certain you will find at least one in your city or town. It is a great alternative to ice skating rinks. They are warm, they are safe, they are easily available- no more excuses for those who are always "just too cold" to do any sports in the witner. Stay in shape and keep on training!

Rollerskate Paths

When the weather is fine, you can always train skating on special rollers kate paths. That space is just for you so it is perfect- no bikers or joggers getting in your way. And the surface is heavenly even! Depending on which city you live in, you might notice that there is street lighting along many of the roller skate paths. Perfect for those with traditional 9-5 jobs when working out in the evening is the only option. Or in the fall- when it is still warm and pleasant out but it already gets dark quite early.

Roller blades and roller skating accessories are always an excellent idea for any roller skating enthusiast- regardless of their skill level. Below is our list of 7 best ideas.

7 gift ideas for roller skating enthusiasts

  1. Roller blades for teenagers and roller skates for younger kids

Roller blades can be seen in many music videos or on TikTik or Instagram. Which is - let's be honest- one of the reasons why many teenagers will take notice. Add fun and dynamic exercising and you have a recipe for success. So what are the things to keep in mind when shopping for a pair of roller blades for a teenage girl or a small kiddo?

Well, in such case, adjusting the size will definitely play an important role. Movino Cruzer One would be the right choice, for sure! The size can be readjusted: from size 37 to 40- which means one pair can be used for several years in a row. Roller blades for kids and teenagers should also be breathable and most importantly: secure. Look for a pair with secure buckles- you want them to stay firmly in place throughout the whole training. The look, the design- these things matter too! Movino Cruzer One roller blades feature a combination of black varnish and pastel colors and will surely appeal to a young audience

  1. Roller blades for beginners

Movino Cruzer One - that is a pair that will appeal to beginners at any age. The parameters are perfect for those just starting to learn. These roller blades are super light and will help you keep your balance and the right posture throughout. So start your new life-long passion, get Movino Cruzer One and get into skating today!

  1. Roller blades for teenages

For young roller skaters, or those who love to speed, we highly recommend Movino Cruzer B2. This is our flagship product that will allow you to speed as much as you want. And best in class bearings are the heart of this model. Large wheels are behind the speed you are about to experience. And the L size comes with 24 mm wheels!

The overall construction is featherlight. Safe TPR brakes and aluminum blades- that is a recipe for success! Movino Cruzer B2- that is a pair that is perfect for urban landscapes and dynamic, aggressive styles. These roller blades come in three different colors: black combined with powder pink, mint or golden details. Very universal looking, yet with an edge- both for women and men.

  1. Helmet for roller skaters

Safety first! Every roller skater needs a helmet. A good helmet that fits well means a stressfree and safe practice. The helmet should be certified- with the preference going to the EU certificate. Remember that a good helmet should be breathable. Find a Movino helmet in a color that matches your roller blades- how cool would that be? Safe and stylish!

  1. Accessories for roller skaters

Every roller skater's equipment should include protective gear aka accessories. Knee pads and elbow pads are a must! Advanced learners will definitely appreciate spare wheels- they wear down quickly and easily, especially in the case of enthusiasts who practice hard and ride hard!

  1. Membership at a roller skate rink? Or maybe inline skating lessons?

Looking for a unique Christmas present for a roller skating enthusiast? Why not pay for skating lessons for one that is still learning? Or in the case of an advanced enthusiast, why not surprise him or her with a membership card at a roller skate rink? Every roller skating lover will appreciate being able to train all year round, regardless of the weather!

  1. For ambitious roller skaters: ramps

Christmas is coming and you are looking for a gift for a loved one who is crazy about roller skating and wants to learn new tricks and stunts? Look no further- get that pair of roller blades you have been eyeing and add a ramp! Yup, a ramp! When you have a set like that, all you need to do is put on your protective gear (safety, first!) and start training in front of your own house!