A scooter as a gift for a child.

A scooter as a gift for a child.

How come a scooter is such a great idea for a gift? Let's start with the practicalities:

A scooter is literally a gift that just keeps on giving! It is suitable even for a small child. Let's not forget however that we need to find the right mode- one that is right for the height and weight of the child.

Scooters can "grow" with their little users; the adjustment range however varies from one manufacturer to another. Kiddie scooters can usually be adjusted within the range of 80 cm - 150 cm. The maximum usually corresponds to the height of an average nine or ten year old.

Once we decide that a scooter is going to be this year's birthday on Christmas gift, now it is time for step 2: research. A scooter can be a traditional two- wheeler or a three- wheeler. Then there are competitive scooters- for all sorts of tricks. There is a wide variety to choose from. Quite a bit depends on the age of the future little rider, which usually also translates into his or her level of skills.

Let's start with a three wheeler!

A three wheeler is meant for kids or those just learning. Just like in the case of balance bikes, a three wheeler (actually quite often also called a balance scooter) is supposed to help keep one's equilibrium. A child stays focused on pushing off to move around. Your kiddo is using both of his or her legs to push off, learning new good habits and using all muscles. Which is why scooting is not just fun but also healthy.

Scooters often come in many colors- some even feature LED wheels. Watch your kiddo's face light up with joy! It is important to remember to complete the gift with a set of knee and elbow pads as well as a helmet.

A traditional two wheeler

When should you buy a traditional scooter? Definitely once your child is tall enough to quit a three- wheeler (usually once he or she hits 150 cm). But as a rule of thumb - if your kid can ride a "regular"nbike independently than he or she is ready to switch to a traditional scooter as well.

A two wheeler is a classic; very much back in style these days. When shopping for the right model, pay attention to all the features. For instance. If you are shopping for a younger child, look for a low- hanging deck (approximately 8 cm above the ground). Your child will thank you later. A low hanging deck will make everything so much easier for your child.

The bearings are of equal importance: The higher the ABEC class, the better the wheels. Now, the larger the wheels, the quicker the ride. Think long and hard whether the future little rider will be able to brake and stop the scooter while speeding. Look for scooters with shock absorbers. It is also good to get a scooter with a three- degree adjustment range for the handle bar. That makes such scooter suitable both for teenagers and adults. Sharing is caring!

A competetive scooter for advanced riders

There is a number of aspects you need to pay attention to when buying any type of a scooter. The entire body- the construction is very important, just as much as the type of wheels used (e.g. how far apart they are, especially when it comes to three wheelers) and the brake. Some electric scooters for kids feature a double braking system: the E-ABS and a mechanical brake and that is a good thing. It is important to know how long will the electric scooter work after being fully charged. Of course the frequency of use and the weight of a user will significantly impact the frequency of charging cycles.

Most electric scooters are the wheelers but there is one exception to that rule: Movino Easy. This super stable three wheeler can go up to 6km/h when there is a little kiddo riding it, and 10km/h when the rider is slightly order. The latter is an equivalent of an adult powerwalking. For safety reasons, this scooter features a double braking system: a foot brake and a hand brake. The battery allows you for a 5 km- 7 km ride. Charging the battery takes up to 4 hours. This scooter is featherlight and weighs no more than 3.5 kg and is super easy to transport.

An electric scooter does not need to be registered. But it is important to remember that you are not allowed use one on public roads!. If you do decide to purchase Movino One, as always: safety first- so don't forget to buy a helmet, knee and elbow pads!

Whether a traditional or electric scooter- it is always a nice prelude to picking up more competitive equipment. (but no pressure!)