FISH BOARDS: what are they?

A fish board - the little sister of a traditional board.

One of the most popular, California- born skate boards is a fish board. . So how different is the fish board from regular skate boards?

First of all, the fish board is significantly smaller than a regular skateboard: it is very compact in size, measures anywhere from 53 cm to 63 cm long so it is super easy to carry it around. You can easily carry it in your backpack. The small size of the fish board gives it an extra angle- it is perfect for kids.

The fish board is rather unique- it narrows down slightly as is supposed to resemble the shape of a fish. This very shape is what makes the fish board great for fast skaters. But let's be honest here: if you are at a skatepark and using a ramp, a traditional long board is what will give you greater speed.

A fish board vs a traditional skate board: differences

The shape and size are not the only features that distinguish the fish board from a traditional skate board. The fish board unlike the traditional long board, is made of a synthetic material. That is the reason why it is so lightweight and easy to keep clean. It is also quite resilient. When a deck is made of a synthetic material, it tends to be slippery- which is why most fish boards are covered with an extra non- slip layer.

Another difference between the fish board and a standard skate board is the price. Which is why a fish board is an excellent buy for all those just starting their skateboarding adventures.

FISH BOARD: the structure

A fish board is built in a very simple way; the main elements are the following:

  • the deck: offers fish boards featurings decks made of synthetic PP material with an extra non- slip layer

  • the track: the part on which the bearings and the wheels are built on. offers fish boards featuring sturdy resilient aluminum tracks that are adjustable. Thanks to that, you can adjust the board to your individual skating style.

  • bushings: Movino fish boards feature cool looking, neon bushings made of polyurethane

  • wheels: the wheels on Movino fish boards are made of ultra- resilient, ultra- adhesive polyurethane

  • bearings: Movino fish boards feature quality ABEC7 bearings

Fish boards: purpose

Fish boards are intended for recreational skating in a city. They are great for short distance rides- for instance when commuting from home to work or school and on a hard, even surface such as city sidewalks. Fish boards are great both for adults and kids. Because of their size however, most likely the "designated driver" will be the youngest one in your family :)

Whether or not a fish board is a good idea for those just beginning their adventure with acrobatics and tricks in a skatepark- that is up for discussion. Many people will use a fish board precisely for that- even though that is not entirely safe. A professional skate board is definitely much better for tricks.

A fish board as a cool accessory

A fish board is so much more than a miniature skate board- having one has become a quite trendy look among teenagers and kids. The youngsters bring their fish boards to school to show off the colors and design- to them is simply just another way to express themselves.

And we at Movino- we get that! Which is why our fish boards come in so many colors! Some even feature LEDs!

A fish board is fine to use by both kids and adults. It is great for beginners and is and excellent idea for a gift! Your child, niece or nephew will love it! Have a look at Movino website and see for yourself: we have got awesome looking fish boards in different colors that will please even high maintenance folks! :)