Balance Scooters


Balance scooters as a means of transportation

In recent years, scooters have become a popular way of spending time outdoors. Among shoppers, they are just as popular as skateboards and balance bikes. Buying a scooter for your child is a great way to introduce your little one to the world of athletics and teach him or her some new skills. Balance scooters might be the best choice when it comes to younger kids.

What exactly is a balance scooter?

A balance scooter- when compared to a traditional one- forces the body to steer the vehicle by shifting around and balancing one's body. It is very easy and it is super fun. For instance, in order to make a turn, you should bent forward slightly and towards the direction you are steering your vehicle to. So your child has the opportunity to learn how to balance his or her body and also learn how to behave as an actual traffic participant. A balance scooter should work in the case of those kids who did not take liking to a standard two- wheel scooter.

Things to keep in mind when shopping for a balance scooter

Just like in the case of other kid vehicles, balance scooters should meet certain criteria that will ensure your child's safety and comfort. All the scooters mentioned above need to meet the EN71 norms.

So what are the things you should remember about when looking for a kiddie scooter?

First of all, start with checking whether the handle bar is adjustable- so that the scooter can "grow" with your child and last longer. More importantly, a handle bar that is set too low might cause your child to end up with bad posture. A balance scooter must be stable, secure and resilient- remember: safety first! Also when shopping for equipment for your kiddo, always look for quality components and materials. Your child deserves the best and that often translates directly into safety and comfort.

When shopping for a scooter, have a good look at the wheels. What are the made of? How big are they? There a scooters out there that are there equipped with wheels made of quality PU (polyurethane, sometimes called: synthetic rubber) and there are those budget options with wheels made of PVC. Give yourself a favor and get a shoulder belt - so that you can carry the scooter around easily. Or so that you can simply store it at home. Some balance scooters feature LEDs which definitely adds that extra spark. The wheels light up only when the scooter is moving. Isn't that a neat little detail? Trust us, your kid will love it and spent more time outdoors because of that. Tried and tested!

All the extras… but just as important!

What else should you buy once you have the scooter all set and ready for your kiddo?

Our kids'safety is the most important thing in the world to us. Which is why buying a helmet is a must! The same goes for knee and elbow pads. You can't shelter your child from all the bad in the world, but you can protect him or her from scratches and bruises that easily avoidable. Saving on protective gear is not worth it! The more resilient the product, the safer your child will be. Only quality equipment can cushion the consequences of a fall and prevent perhaps a potentially serious injury.

A balance scooter can be an excellent gift for a child and a great way for him or her to practice balance and spent time outdoors. But remember: your child needs to be comfortable- otherwise he or she will quit prematurely AND most importantly: your child needs to be safe and protected.