A stunt scooter for a 10- year old

A stunt scooter for a 10- year old

So when is the best time for your kiddo to start an adventure with a stunt scooter? It all depends on your child, really- his or her general fitness and mental readiness. There are some 5-year olds who do very well at a skatepark but it might happen that a 10-year old won't really be ready just yet. So what does a parent have to do so that the first ride on a stunt scooter won't be the last? Choosing the right equipment is key.

A stunt scooter vs a city scooter

Traditional scooters were not made for skateparks. Even attempting to do stunts on a traditional scooter might be dangerous for the rider, and it surely will damage the equipment. Do not even try the simplest tricks on a city scooter! Why? Regular scooters have a completely different body because they were designed for different pusposes- they are meant for city rides not jumps and elaborate tricks. Stunt scooters can handle more; they feature a one-piece handlebar, a strengthened aluminum deck and small wheels. Unlike city scooters, stunt scooters do not fold nor will they buffer any blows.

Scooter decks right for beginners

Everybody's first stunt scooter should be light. Skip those sturdier street types, and pick one that is suitable for riding at a skatepark. The smaller the deck, the lighter the scooter. A ten-year old will be perfectly fine riding on a deck measuring 48 x 10 cm. It is only in the case of city scooters, that a bigger deck equals a comfy ride. In the case of stunt riders, that rule does not apply. It is important however that the deck is made entirely out of aluminum. Cheaper scooters might feature some steel components such transversal connecting parts. It is better to stay away from such solutions.

Small wheels mean more action!

Scooters with smaller wheels are always better for starters. The most universal size is 100 mm. Smaller wheels are easier to maneuver which makes learning stunts easier. Your child's first scooter won't wreck havoc on your finances if you go for one with wheels with cheaper plastic cores. Remember that the wheels with plastic cores can always be exchanged later for a pair with aluminum cores. If that is something you will find necessary, of course.

The right height

Keep in mind that stunt scooters feature handlebars that cannot be readjusted. So when shopping for a stunt scooter for your child, but one that is right for im or her right now. A rule of thumb is to make sure the handlebar hits your child somewhere between the hips and mid- thigh. Do not but a stunt scooter that does is not right your for your child right now but you think it will serve them longer. A handlebar that is too high will make maneuvering the scooter much more difficult and subsequently the stunts- also much more difficult to learn. And that might just make your kiddo quit. Here you can read all about scooter handlebars.

The right design

The right fit and size are not enough! The look, the colors and the design- all are equally important! If the scooter is supposed to be a gift, remember to keep in mind the preferences of the littler rider. You don't want to be disappointed and you definitely don't want your kiddo to feel that wat.