Adults on scooters… is that appropriate?

Adults on scooters… is that appropriate?

Scooters are NOT just for kids!

Any idea what the most googled phrase when it comes to the world of scooters might be? Well, you guessed it: it is about the age cutoff.

Other dilemmas many people seem to be having are the following: which scooter is better- an electric one or a traditional one? What are the benefits of riding a scooter? A scooter vs a skateboard vs a BMX? Other questions are about the speed, where one can and cannot ride a scooter, how many calories one can burn when riding a scooter, and whether the scooters are safe. On the whole, the amount and frequency of those questions leads us to believe that scooters are very much in demand and in vogue these days.

So what is the problem? It seems that many people associate the scooter with toys or things "for kids only". And it is understandable in a way. Even though many schools are organizing scooting championships and the sight of a scooter in the street is quite common, many adults feel held back. The common myth is that an adult on a scooter surely cannot be a mature individual and that doing so is simply silly.

Stereotypes are to blame

As it turns out, even when it comes to the way people excercise, have fun, spend time outdoors- most feel judged one way or another. Karl von Drais, a prolific German inventor who created the first bicycle, initially came up with a device that he called a velicipede or a "running machine". And when von Drais presented his invention to the public, he was after all a grown man, not a tenneger. So how come are we- adults, became so shy about riding a scooter? At what age do we come to this ridiculous conclusion that we have become "too old" for riding a scooter?

The Inspiring Swimmer

One of our clients told us a story about what lead him to purchasing a scooter. Every day, while commuting to work on a bus, he would see a most likely professional athlete- a young man riding his scooter daily to a nearby swimming pool. Our client would have a chance to watch him closely, while the bus was stuck in traffic and the man would simply bypass them on his scooter. True, he would turn heads sometimes but likely more because of his athleticism than the scooter itself. So our client felt inspired by the young man's dedication and purchased a scooter for himself and for each of his family members.

There is an inner child in each of us

John Connolly, a bestselling Irish writer once said: “For in every adult there dwells the child that was, and in every child there lies the adult that will be.”

Whether it is a scooter or a pair of vintage rollerskates that are very much back in fashion- both will help you make your inner child very happy! Regardless of how old you are, they are pure joy: both for your mind and your body.

Scooters are back! And not just among kids. Simply have a look at what our store has to offer: oferta naszego sklepu. We have something for everyone: for beginners and those more advanced, for kids and adults at every level. Skateparks are no longer just for skaters doing all sorts of intimidating tricks or those on rollerblades- they are now frequented also by those on scooters- no matter how old you might be. Scooting can become a lifestyle. It is not unusual to see city dwellers scooting to their office building whenever it gets warm outside. A scooter can be easily folded and kept in your backpack. Rarely is something so practical AND so fun. Well, scooters are!