An electric scooter for your kiddo

An electric scooter for your kiddo

Support for long distance ride

If you are trying to encourage your child to be more physically active, a scooter is always a great idea. It could be a traditional scooter- but many parents tend to complain that their kids get tired or bored easily and then they are the ones having to carry the scooter. Which is why an electric scooter is the least risky buy when you have a picky kiddo at home.

Most people have gotten used to the sight of a scooter in the city- it is no longer seen as a toy but has widely been accepted as the means of transportation. Of course fashion is at play here- as always. How about combining both: fashion and the ability to moving around in a way that is fun, cheap and fast? Plus: comfort! An electric scooter meets all the criteria. Not many people are aware that an electric scooter is a gift that just keeps on giving.

Movino Easy Go for your Mini- me

We are excited to tell you that we now have this great product available! Listen up! We have got an electric three- wheeler for your kiddo: Movino Easy Go

It is suitable even for six- year olds. As we have mentioned before, in order to decide whether your child is ready- you have to be the one to assess your child's height, weight and motor skills. That's the only way to tell whether he or she is ready for another milestone.

This electric scooter is THE scooter!

So how come someone came up with an idea of an electric scooter for a small child? The main reason behind this solution is to support our little ones when riding long- distance. When you take your four or five year old for a walk or a ride, and the scooter she or he has is a traditional one, we can bet right now, than after a short while, your child will be tired and cranky and ready to quit. Guess who is carrying the scooter?...

 And you guessed it- that is when an electric scooter comes in! Your child will be proud to have completed the entire distance and ultimately- will end up spending more time outdoors. Yes, we have outsmarted your little terrorist- you can thank us later!

An electric three wheeler

The most important things to keep in mind when shopping for any type of a scooter are the wheels and the overall construction/ body. Have a look at how far apart the wheels are and the type of wheels used. Find out what break the scooter you like has been equipped with. Electric scooters for kids feature a double braking system: the E-ABS and a mechanical brake. In the case of electric scooters, it is important to learn how long will one charging cycle last. Although both the weight of the user and the frequency of use have an impact on the latter. 

Even though most electric scooters are two wheelers, as always- Movino has something for everyone. Movino Easy Go is a three wheeler so it is super stable and can speed up to 6km/h when a smaller child is riding it and 10km/h when an older child is in charge. The latter is an equivalent of an adult powerwalking.

For safety reasons, this scooter features a double braking system: a foot brake and a hand brake. The battery allows you for a 5 km- 7 km ride. Charging the battery takes up to 4 hours. This scooter is featherlight and weighs no more than 3.5 kg and is super easy to transport.

An electric scooter does not need to be registered. But it is important to remember that you are not allowed use one on public roads!. If you do decide to purchase Movino One, as always: safety first- so don't forget to buy a helmet, knee and elbow pads!

Whether a traditional or electric scooter- it is always a nice prelude to picking up more competitive equipment.