Buying a competitive/ stunt scooter for youngsters

Buying a competitive/ stunt scooter for youngsters

Who is a competitive scooter for? Is age a requirement? In a way it is, because with age, your child changes not just physically but also mentally. Riding a competetive scooter requires your child not just to reach the right height, but also to have the right motor skills. But there is always an exception to the rule and some kiddos can really make our jaws drop!

Basically, even a five- year old can start using a stunt scooter. And do not let the name scare you off. The right equipment is very safe and will bring so much joy to your child.

A stunt scooter may be for moving around bet let's get one thing straight: it has little to do with JUST moving around. This type of a scooter is meant for tricks and as the name indicates: all sorts of stunts and flips. A general fitness and an ability to control it is a must. Not to mention being an experienced rider. If you are sure that your child meets these criteria then it is safe for you to purchase a competitive stunt scooter. Go ahead! It will be so much fun!

Thrilling but not scary

Many parents often get scared when their realize their child is tempted to join the world of skating. They are terrified of injuries, bruises, or- knock on wood- concussion! When your kiddo comes to you begging for a stunt scooter, don't say no immediately. As they say: don't knock it off till you try it (or till you let your child try it, rather), even if the word: "stunt" itself sends a chill down your spine.

It doesn't have to be a scary transition! These days, there is a wide range of competetive scooters available - especially for small kiddos. Just like in the case of a traditional scooter, when shopping for a stunt scooter, an in- depth research of the market is a must. Know what you are looking for and know your child. And even though the traditional one is worlds apart from the stunt, it is also a prelude to later on switching to equipment for freestylers, suitable for all sorts of ricks. It is all about practice!

Unequivocally, any type of equipment must be secure and its components of high quality and long- lasting. A scooter must be resilient, be able to withstand your child's weight and her or his extreme tricks and stunts. All of that does not mean that you are supposed to spend a small fortune on your kid's first stunt scooter! Not by any means!

Just as if you were buying a stunt scooter for an adult, for yourself, when shopping for a kiddie stunt scooter, you must pay attention to the following: the bearings, the wheels, the compression system (HIC or IHC), the weight and of course the components the deck is made of. Most competitive stunt scooters are made of aluminum so that they are as light as possible. What's more, the parts used on kid stunt scooters will be different from the ones used on traditional kid scooters. No option to adjust the handlebar, no shock absorbers and no option to fold the scooter- these are other major differences that might occur. A one- piece handlebar should be hitting your kid's hips. In comparison to a traditional scooter, a stunt scooter is simply closer too the ground. In the case of competitive scooters, the body- the construction has to be most importantly light. That has to be prioritized here. Which is why the structure has not been strengthened and why there is no shock absorber. The wheels are small which makes them more maneuverable.

Key components of a scooter

Let's stop for a moment and think how and where your child will be using the scooter. Will he or she be frequenting skatepark and using special ramps made just for that? Or, will your kid be training in a variety of places, including the city infrastructure. If the latter is the case, the deck is super important.

Stung scooters tend to feature short decks. Extremely short decks are a must when it comes to dynamic moves and maneuvers. Long decks are typical for traditional recreational scooters, they give you the speed and let you do the so-called curb grinding. What else? Look for flat edges on a deck- that boosts your security when crashing (and that is bound to happen, sorry!).

Once your child swaps a traditional scooter for one made for stunts, he or she will feel the difference immediately when it comes to shock absorption. That is simply non - existent in the world of competitive stunt scooter since what matters is precision and doing tricks as well as possible, not comfort.

What is important, a stunt scooter should feature as few screws or binding elements as possible- as they only decrease its stability. The less complicated the structure, the better. Every component or lack of it is not a coincidence. The same is true in the case of the handlebar- one that is narrow is better for jumps. A wide handlebar allows for higher jumps. And now last but not least: the brakes. A spring brake and flex fenders. The latter- as the name implies, are flexible as they can be bent when you push on them with the back foot.

MOVINO TYRO: your child's first stunt scooter

When shopping for your child's first competitive stunt scooter, it is worth pondering whether this is your kiddo's whim, something temporary, a phase that will pass or, if your child seems really invested in the world of skating. Don't let other stores overcharge you. You do not need to spend a fortune- Movino Tyro will be perfect as your child's first stunt scooter.

Movino Tyro is excellent for youngsters and will be a perfect first stunt scooter for your kiddo as it is featherlight but very resilient, features a great design and comes with a parent- friendly pricetag. Movino Tyro will let your kid test the world of tricks at a skatepark and in the street and we are absolutely certain: your little adventurer will love it!

Movino Tyro is equipped with all the features every first- timer might dream of: an aluminum deck (46 cm x 10 cm, no sharp edges), 100 mm nylon core wheels, a steel handlebar (50 cm  x 48 cm), flex fender brakes, best in class ABEC9 bearings and a steel fork. It weighs less than 3 kg and can handle a 50 kg rider. The design and overall look are equally impressive.