In vogue! Caution! Adults scooting!

In vogue!

Caution! Adults scooting!

Scooters used to be considered " a kid thing". But that is all in the past- these days, scooters for adults are very much in style. Cities are full of scooter enthusiasts and their numbers have been growing increasingly. Bonus- scooters let you forget about all that traffic! One thing less to worry about!

It is worth pausing for a second to take a good look and figure out which scooter is for you.

A well thought- out decision will prevent you from going for the wrong model. Using your scooter is supposed to be a joyful effortless experience. And potentially… a trouble- free commute!

Which scooter is best for adult users?

When choosing a scooter for adults ( hyperlink:hulajnogi dla dorosłych ), you should keep in mind a number of issues:

Scooters for adults can usually handle weight up to 100 kg and an individual no taller than 1.90 cm. Most product specifications will highlight the weight limit but stay mysterious to say the least when it comes to the height. Those scooters with a more generous weight limit, will usually will also be friendlier when it comes to adjusting the handlebar.

Pay attention to the weight of the scooter itself: moving around or walking up the stairs with a heavy scooter might discourage your from frequent rides.

Surface: where are you planning to use your scooter the most? Which scooter will withstand bumpy rides and uneved sidewalks? The one with the right wheels- is the answer. Most scooter wheels have a diameter of 120 mm to 200 mm. Larger wheels let you deal with the bumps better as they absorb the shocks well. The tires are just as important: the choice is either rubber or pumped. Those made of rubber are faster but don't do well on an uneven surface.

Scooters for adults: the devil is in the details

Once you come up with a shortlist of adults scooters to your liking, it is worth checking out whether they are equipped with schock absorbers and a non- slip layer on the deck.

The shock absorber is a an element that will keep you safe and comfortable during bumpy rides. The non- slip layer will add to your comfort on rainy days. The handlebar is important to. The more adjustable their range, the better. And don't even get us started on the wheels! When shopping for a scooter for adults, it is important to pay attention to the size of the wheels- the larger, the easier it will be for you to deal with an uneven terrain later on.

Another important element of an adult- size scooter is the deck: the lower the deck, the more comfortable it will turn out to be. The size of the deck itself is important too- often times cheaper scooters feature a narrow and short deck- which won't be comfortable for most people.

Folding and storing

Folding your scooter should be fast and easy. Many of those less expensive scooter require some efftort and after a while- that takes away from the fun.

Speaking of folding and storing: keep in mind to get yourself one of those shoulder belts- you will thank us later. It is really a neat and clever little accessory that will come in handy, especially when on the go.

So what's in it for me? Main advantages of owning a scooter

Scooting has become a widealy accepted alternative for moving around- essentially, it is now yet another means of transportation. But it is so much more than that! Every eco- conscious, eco- friendly, organic mommy- type, vegan, planet loving, CO2 footprint- cutting person out there should own a scooter. And to all those "always too busy to work out", "not enough hours in the day","too tired to exercise after work" people out there: this is your chance to quit your excuses. Scooting as a commute is a painless, effortless way to squeeze in some exercise and outdoors time into your daily routine.