Scooting to school!

Scooting to school!

Scooter: a convenient way to move around

Recently, we have seen a flood of people on scooters: both young and older folks are loving it. Scooters are super versatile and in season from spring to late fall. They are not only a means of transportation or a way to cut down on the cost of it, but most importantly they are fun.

Scooters are boldly entering our everyday life or rather- they have already done it! Sometimes you don't even need to own one! Simply rent an e- scooter, hop on and ride it to your nearest metro station or a bus stop. And let's not forget: it is a dream come true for every kiddo. Aren't scooters just the best when it comes to school commute? Every kid says so! A scooter is compact- size, convenient - simply even better than a bike when it comes to everyday use. The size and weight are definitely an advantage here.

However, if you are considering letting your child commute to school on a scooter, it is worth considering the following:

  • the age of your child

  • is your kiddo responsible/ mature enough to be trusted with a scooter?

  • does he/ she know the traffic rules and regulations? Will your child be safe?

Additionally, even though today's scooters are really… let's put it this way: school friendly, keep in mind that not every school will welcome a kid with a folded scooter in his/her backpack with open arms. We know from experience, that many kids have all sorts of crazy ideas and scooting around school corridors, wrecking havoc, are actually the least of the problems.

Next, is there a stand for scooters at your child's school? Can the equipment be safely stored there while your kid is studying? Scooters, just like bikes, can easily be protected from potential thievery with a belt. It is important- even if the scooter is really light and compact size, no kid will want to carry it around all day long.

Now, let's focus on the model: does your child need a traditional scooter or an electric one? How large should be the wheels? (Remember: the larger the wheels, the less effort is required). What should the wheels be made of? Unlike the plastic ones, rubber wheels will last longer and are great shock absorbents. And last but not least: the price. Unfortunately, the equality means the parents needs to shell out more cash. And don't forget about the helmet, elbow and knee pads.

So you have decided to let your little adventurer scoot to school? That is something that needs to be tested out first. Think it over! Scooting after shool is a definite yes for us, scooting to school- should always be a maybe, first.