Stunt scooters: price range up till 150 euro

Stunt scooters: price range up till 150 euro

Shooping for a gift: choosing the right stunt scooter

So one of your buddies is crazy about scooters and stunts and all jumps? If you want to surprise him or her, a new stunt scooter will be just what the doctor ordered. What model will be best for your friend to advance his or her skills even further, learn new insane stunts and tricks? Below you will find a list of Movino stunt scooters, recommend by our team.

Before choosing the right stunt scooter, you should first "spy"a bit on your buddy- try to get some information: what are his or her preferences, riding style, likes and dislikes. And of course, a different type of a stunt scooter will suit an adult or a teenager, and something entirely different will be purchased for a child.

Long story short: things to keep in mind when buying a stunt scooter

Good news first: you can buy a stunt scooter for less than 150 euro. When shopping for a stunt scooter however, the price should not be the only thing being considered. The right equipment should be the right match with its future owner and let him or her learn new skills and techniques.

The handlebar and the scooter's body

Stunt scooters vary from traditional scooters quite a bit. At first glance, one can see right away that the handlebar is entirely different: wide, with no option to adjust the height and not foldable. The handlebar must be able to rotate 360 degrees; only then will the rider be able to do all sorts of tricks and not feel limited. The deck is equally important. For practicing at a skatepark , a short deck is best. For city landscape, the deck should be longer and wider.

Choosing the right wheels

Advanced riders usually go for scooters featuring larger wheels (110 mm, 120 mm) because they simply are better for speed. Those just starting their adventure with stunt scooters, should go for 100 mm wheels. Hard wheels have lesser adhesion but they are quicker and last longer.

Heavy duty equipment for those advanced

The parts for stunt scooters are made of light aluminum or durable steel. The latter is heavier but harder and more resilient- which is important when practicing stunts. Rule of thumb: the more enthusiastic the rider (with some skills already, that is!), the more heavy duty the equipment should be- to beat whatever difficulties and obstacles are thrown at her or him.

And that comes down to not just the handlebar or the wheels but also the bearings and brakes. In order to make the choice for you easier, we have shortlisted the best in our opinion Movino stunt scooters, in different price ranges.

Best stunt scooters: up to 90 euro

Movino Nitro Stunt Scooter

Movino Nitro stunt scooter features 100 mm wheels, quality ABEC9 bearings, a steel handlebar and an aluminum deck- which is a guarantee of durability. Colorful wheels and grips, and a cool pattern on the black deck, will surely steal the heart of every scooter enthusiast. Excellent universal parameters will make learning first stunts easier.

Movino Glide Stunt Scooter

What is so different about the Glide series is the weight (featherlight!), best in class bearings and the metallic finish (shades available: gold, red and blue). The deck is 100% aluminum which guarantees low weight, and the 100 mm wheels - high maneuverability. The steel handlebar guarantees safety; a sturdy durable handlebar is super important at the beginning when you are just learning how to do tricks and stunts.

Movino Edge Stunt Scooter

Movino Edge is our suggestion to all those with upper intermediate and semi- advanced skills. The body of this stunt scooter has been designed with complex tricks and stunts in mind. Movino Edge features a strengthened aluminum deck, 100 mm wheels, a steel handlebar and quality ABEC9 Carbon bearings- super helpful when speeding.

Best stunt scooters up to 120 euro

Movino Maniac Stunt Scooter

This is our suggestion for those with upper intermediate skills. Movino Maniac is a street stunt scooter. It will let you develop new skills thanks to the solutions applied to stunt scooters for professionals. A sturdy box- cut deck, the IHC compression system and wheels that will let you really speed; these are all elements that usually are seen on scooters for professional athletes.

Movino X-Core Stunt Scooter

This stunt scooter is for more advanced riders- excellent for tricks and extreme rides. X-Core features larger wheels (110 mm) as they support a quicker, more fluid ride. Quality ABEC 9 bearings are excellent when trying out new tricks. A wider aluminum deck guarantees stability. This scooter features an advanced compression system.

Movino Slave Stunt Scooter

This scooter has been designed with street riders in mind. Movino Slave is a great choice if you are looking for a gift for a real enthusiast- who probably will skip a local skatepark and prefers urban challenges! The deck is perfect for grinding. This stunt scooter is really beautifully designed; a special painting technique has been applied - every Slave scooter has a different deck.

Best stunt scooters for less than 150 euro

Movino Kraken Stunt Scooter

Kraken is our most frequently recommended street scooter for the most demanding riders. Movino Kraken is a stunt scooter full of modern solutions. Its one- piece body consists of a 100% aluminum fork, a street- type deck and full core 120 mm wheels. This stunt scooter is especially recommended for tall individuals as the handlebar is 70 cm long and 95 cm high.

Movino Black Mamba Stunt Scooter

Black Mamba is one of largest and most durable stunt scooters on the market! This stunt scooter is ideal for aggressive rides, and advanced tricks and stunts. It features a strong and durable SCS compression system, an imressive extra- large deck (56 cm long and 13,5 cm wide) and a 70 cm handlebar. Black Mamba stunt scooter features 120 cmm wheels that will let you speed as much as you want and come in handy when doing all sorts of insane stunts.

Movino Thor Stunt Scooter

This stunt scooter is for advanced park riders. Movino Thor is a real skatepark warrior! The deck is 50 cm x 11,5 cm, with a special cut in the back and made entirely out of T6 aluminum. Movino Thor features 110 mm aluminum core wheels that weigh 209 g per piece, ABEC 9 CARBON bearings and a featherlight Y-bar handlebar. The whole body works with a modified IHC compression system, and with a wide compression bolt. Movino Thor scooter weighs only 3,38 kg.

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