Stunt scooters: what makes them different

Stunt scooters: what makes them different

Freestyle means extreme!

You might think that a scooter is such a simple and uncomplicated thing, that you are not even expecting much from it- other than taking you from point A to point B, that is. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Except for traditional aka regular, recreational scooters and recently increasingly popular- electric scooters, there is a whole subgroup of real wonders: stunt scooters. Stunt scooters cannot be compared to anything else- they are simply unique, one of a kind, in a class of their own. How come? Why? And who are they for? Let us explain.

Most likely, you have seen on a number of occasion, a group of youngsters at skate parks-doing all sorts of impressive and crazy-looking stunts, jumps and tricks- on bikes and skate boards. That is a pretty common sight. Stunts on scooters, though? Not so much, right? So basically, the only thing a stunt scooter has in common with a traditional one is its general shape and visual resemblance.

Scooters for stunts

A stunt scooter was made for tricks, jumps and all sorts of crazy things… in other words: for stunts. Which is why it absolutely must be a safe and durable product. But that is also the reason why you can't fold a stunt scooter. But it is a small price to pay- trust us. A stunt scooter should be sturdy, resilient and a foldable handlebar would only weaken its structure. Other than that, a stunt scooter features a handlebar that is wider than in the case of a traditional scooter and can turn 360 degrees. Such solutions is what lets stunt enthusiasts try all sorts of tricks and at the same time- a Y- shaped handlebar ensures their safety.

Good to know: scooter parts

Stunts scooters feature quite unique components. Aluminum and steel are usually used- the former is light and the latter- more durable. The wheels are important too- they are much bigger than in the case of traditional scooters. The size of the wheels is usually between 100 mm and 120 mm. Larger wheels allow for greater speed. The wheels feature a core that is made either of aluminum or a synthetic material. The main advantage of the former is that it is feather light and durable. All of that is what makes a stunt scooter so different, so quick and maneuverable.

The bearings are important too. Because stunts scooters are at greater risk of overload and simply getting pretty dirty, you can't use just any bearings. Remember about there is a five- scale ABEC scale- the greater the digit, the better and more fluid the ride will be. When shopping for a stunt scooter, don't forget about having a good look at the deck. Longer decks are preferred for street rides, the edges should be flattened. Another important aspect: brakes! Either a spring brake and a very quiet- flex break are in use.

Stunt scooters: for whom?

So who are the stunt scooters for, you might ask. It is definitely equipment for those more advanced. A traditional one should always be the first choice for those just starting out. Keep in mind that stunt scooters are not universal- they are not for recreation use. How come, you might ask? There are several reasons. Stunt scooters are closer to the ground than regular scooters which would make riding longer distance rather difficult. Besides, they are not great shock absorbents, they are also heavier than recreational scooters and they don't fold. So what is an advantage or a must for a professional rider, will be na obstacle for someone who needs a scooter for recreational purposes.

So should I buy a stunt scooter or not? Well, only you can aswer that question yourself. Shopping for a stunt scooter is a purchase similar to that of a bike or a pair of roller blades. There are variations to both, right? So if you are planning to stay dedicated to this sports discipline, or are looking for alternatives to bikes and roller blades and you want to stand out- if that is the case, a stunt scooter is definitely for you.

Skatepark - a  unique space

In order to make a good use of owning a stunt scooter, you should definitely discover and explore you local skate park. Or find out about skating parties and championships. There are more and more ramps at skate parks designed especially for stunt scooters. There are many qualified trainers out there offering lessons- for kids, teenagers and aults. Which is great because that way you can learn from the best and stay safe at all times. It is definitely a great relief for parents- to simply have their child train under the wing of someone experienced. And once again: keep in mind that a city scooter and a stunt scooter and two completely different animals- the latter being a bit of a beast :) You can learn how to control that beast and have loads of fun while doing it- but please, do it wisely and stay safe at all times.