What helmet is best for your child?

What helmet is best for your child?

Safety First!

While having fun, an accident is a very real possibility. In order to protect your child while skating, biking or scooting- you have to make sure he or she is always geared up. Wearing a helmet is absolutely a must! It is a serious purchase so here is a couple of things to keep in mind when shopping for a kiddie helmet, regardless of whether your child is an avid skater, rides a scooter or a bike.

The right fit

The most important thing when buying a helmet for a child is getting the right fit. It is better to get a cheaper helmet but one that fits than one that is super pricey and cool looking but is not really right for your child. A helmet that is too small, won't really do its job and protect the skull, especially the forehead and the occipital part. What is more, your child simply won't feel comfortable so probably will end up not wanting to wear it. On the other hand, a helmet that is too big, too loose, won't protect your child at all.

In order to get the fit just right, you should first measure your child;s head. Use a measuring tape in the spot where the skull is at its wides- so pretty much in the middle of your child;s forehead. Of course there is always a risk that even with the right measurements, you can it wrong the first time and buy a helmet that will be either too big or too small for your kiddo. Not worry- it happens even to the best of us.

A bike helmet for a child- how long will it last for?

There is a number of online articles out there, suggesting that parents should go for a helmet that will serve their kid for as long as possible- meaning, they should but a helmet that is a size larger than necessary. Nothing worse than that! A helmet that is too big will not do its job at all! Besides, a helmet will last your child for a while anyways! IT is not like a kid's skull expands overnight! A well fitted helmet should serve your kiddo for up to two years.

Of course, if you are considering a helmet that can be adjusted, things are slightly different. If your child's head measurements are let's say: 49 cm, then it would be better to buy a helmet that is 45 cm- 52 cm, just like the one here: (hyperlink) taki jak ten dostępny w Movino.pl, rather then buing an extra small one that will fit head measurements that are either 49 cm or 50 cm. niż ten w rozmiarze XS, odpowiednim dla obwodów głowy 49 i 50cm.

What are the features of the most universal helmet?

Other things you should keep in mind when looking for a bike helmet for your child:

Is the helmet  a certified product?

A bike helmet for a child must be a safe product. A certificate that meets the EU requirements: EN 1078 quarantees that the helmet is a safe product and has been manufactured in accordance with all the EU safety rules and regulations. Uncertified helmets are a potential hazard to your child's health and safety and should not be used under any circumstances!

Is the helmet breathable?

A good bike helmet should be breathable and feature vent holes. Thanks to them, your kiddo's head won't get all sweaty while working out. You are also minimizing other risks- a child getting too hot can faint. A breathable helmet is simply much more comfy to wear. All Movino helmets feature vent holes.

The chin strap

Every helmet should feature a chin strap- to keep the helmet firmly in place. The chin strap is adjustable to help you get the perfect fit for your child's head. All the helmets we offer feature a chin strap.


While shopping for a bike helmet for your child, keep in mind that you won't be the one wearing it! Think what style or colors does your child like? Trust us, if a child does not like the color or the way the helmet looks like, there is no way he or she will be wearing it! Movino bike helmets come in many lovely colors, from powder pink and blue to more neutral.

A bike helmet for your child does not neet to be a helmet for professional athletes. What matters is the right fight and that your child likes the way it looks. We are confident you will find something you like among Movino bike helmets. And don't worry, if for whatever reasons, your child is not happy with a Movino helmet, you can return it!