What type of a competetive/ stunt scooter does your kiddo need?

What type of a competetive/ stunt scooter does your kiddo need?

Doing stunts is fun. And cool. And actually good for you (believe it or not)

If you have been hesitating to buy your child a stunt scooter- no reason to! First of all a scooter will pretty much force your kiddo to spend more time outdoors vs sitting hypnotized in front of a screen. And that will be time spent productively and actively, that is for sure!

Still wondering which stunt scooter you should go for? Let us guide you through!

The right fit

First off, here's a tip for everyone who is not yet familiar with the world of stunt scooters. Competitive scooters feature handlebars that cannot be adjusted. The reason being: the scooter's construction is the priority and any type of folding or adjusting will affect its agility. So how will you know which scooter is the right fit for your child? The handlebar should be hitting somewhere between your kiddo's hips and the waist (although some prefer their handlebar lower- even slightly below the hip line). The range of tolerance is quite wide so you should have no issues picking the right model for your child

A stunt scooters for beginners

If your child has never trained on a scooter competitively, it is frankly better to stay away from the most advanced and expensive models out there. For starters, we recommend a scooter featuring wheels with the core made of a synthetic material. The price of such scooter is much more wallet- friendly than one that has wheels with an aluninum core. There is also no point in investing in pricey compression systems - usually scooters for advanced riders feature those. A scooter with a threaded fork will do- it will honestly be enough.

A stunt scooter for those with intermediate level skills

So your child can already do some basic tricks on a stunt scooter but it is just not quite there yet? In such case, we recommend you got a scooter featuring wheels with an aluminum core. Such wheels are much more resistant. They should handle the weight well during all the twists, turns and jumps. Also have a good look at the grips- the wider they are, the better. Ribbed grips will ensure a firm hold and prevent sweaty palms!

A stunt scooter for those advanced

Stunt scooters for advanced riders unfortunately equal a heftier bill to pay. But trust us, this is not the time to save money. When buying a pro scooter, quality really does matter. A cheaper scooter will not serve your kid well or long for that matter. The key feature are the aluminum core wheels, preferably with a diameter of: 100- 120 mm. Larger wheels translate into a faster ride. Pegs are important too. What are they, you might ask? Scooter pegs are either aluminum or steel pipes that are attached to wheel axles. They let you do more tricks, such as grinding. A pro stunt scooter should also be equipped with an advanced compression system that will keep the handlebar firmly in place.